Late Dr. Jiten P Mody

Our Founder

(1936 – 2016)

It is a far better to live your own path imperfectly

Than to five another’s perfectly – Bhagwat Gita

He was a great man, whose life was a mission to exalt the common life of humanity by unraveling the divine

Possibilities of our nation. He stood for unity. Integrity and devotion a steady invigorating light, to all under his capacious umbrella.

Dr. Jiten Moddy was not only an illustrious industrialist and orator. But he was also a distinguished scholar. For all the accolades, great heights & milestone achieved by all our institutes was possible due to the innovative ideas and inspiration of our guiding light Dr Jiten P Mody.

He was a voracious reader and had an indepth knowledge of all subjects he had written many books to inspire young generation. An ardent believer of gandhian principles , he completed his doctrate at the age of 75. He was very determined. Dedicated and diligent person. His very positive aura around us gives us the strength to turn every adversity into opportunity.

As said….. Life is short, but the soul is immortal and eternal great ideals will always help our institutions to rise higher and higher.